Orosei’s best beaches

Orosei’s Gulf offers an extremely varied background and allows to observe a radical change of view several times in about fifty km.

The best beaches are north of Orosei

North of Orosei, starting from the tourist port of La Caletta, including all Capo Comino’a area up to Orosei’s seaside resorts along the minor road n. 125. In this zone the beaches you shouldn’t miss are:

La Caletta Beach

White sand and regular decline, it’s popular among people of all ages, with a strong presence of young residents and strangers from everywhere in the world. A part of the wide beach is dedicated to kit-surf and attracts people from all around the world.

Santa Lucia Beach

A beach situated in a little fishermen village, full of local colours. It’s a beach very popular among young people, both residents and strangers, because of the lot of camping situated in the neighbourhoods.

Sa Enna e Sa Chitta Beach

One of Eastern Coast’s naturalistic excellences. This wide beach is characterized by the beautiful dunes at the back, which were used as background for a lot of films with “Caribbean” setting. In the northern top of the beach there is a little restaurant on the sea and a few steps away the old lighthouse.

Bérchida Beach

A sheltered beach with white sand and clear water, which remains low for dozen of meters. This beach is one of the most wild and uncontaminated and in some periods of the year, when the sea merges with the river’s mouth, it takes the shape of a Caribbean atoll.

Biderrosa Beach

A protected sea area where you can access with the car only on demand (that have to be forwarded in advance to the corps of forest rangers). In the oasis there are three beaches of white sand, characterized by a low and clear sea.

Cala Ginepro Beach

The white sand and clear sea characterize this spot of Sardinia, surrounded by an evergreen pine forest. This beach is very popular among families because of the presence of refreshment bars, spaces equipped to eat packed lunch and the not so deep water, suitable also for the most little children.

Cala Liberotto

It’s an hamlet of Orosei, in which lies also Alba Dorata Village. Cala Liberotto offers a lot of little inlets, with very low seabed, quiet water and beaches gathered in a few dozen of meters. Among the most beautiful there are certainly the ones of “Sas Linnas Siccas”, the nearest to the Village.

Orosei Beaches

In the village of Orosei, 9 km far from Alba Dorata Village, there is a different background: a huge beach of about 14 km with golden sand and seabed particularly suitable for diving. The beach is so wide that it has been divided, nominally, in 4 parts according to the name of the 4 main access points.

Marina di Orosei Beach

The simplest entrance to reach from the village, also through the cycle track and pedestrian way, about 1.5 km long.
Su Barone Beach: Su Barone’s zone begins concurrent with the little pier, which separates it from the previous area (Marina di Orosei). To reach this part of beach by car you have to follow a different way as to the one for Marina di Orosei. NB: paying car park.

Su Petrosu Beach

This part of beach is normally the most frequented one by young people, also because there are often musical events and is characterized by the presence of several little and typical stands, ideal to take an aperitif and spend some evenings together with friends.

Osala Beach

You can reach it continuing further towards south, through a typical bridge on the river which lies behind and then going through the green pine forest. Osala Beach ends close to another small harbour, which also marks the boundary with Dorgali’s zone. Just after the pier you can find two beautiful beaches: Cartoe and Cartoeddu, both with golden sand and low seabed.

Beaches south of Orosei

Cala Gonone

About 25 km towards south we can find another big attraction of Orosei’s Gulf, a little place very popular among families and young people. Cala Gonone is a real treasury from the excursions point of view in Orosei’s Gulf. You can choose if visiting one of the several beaches reachable mainly by the sea, buying the tickets for the little cruise on Orosei’s Gulf or trying to visit the caves of the hinterland (Ispinigoli’s caves).See the excursion section.

Cala Gonone is also the favourite meeting point for climbers of all Europe, who climb on the rocks high up above the sea, and for experts of diving with oxygen bottles to discover a varied and charming seabed.

The most famous beaches are Cala Luna, Cala Mariolu and Cala Sisine (you can make excursions by boat directly from Alba Dorata Village) and during the little cruise you can also visit Bue Marino’s caves.