Orosei is the most important centre of the Gulf and was founded around 1200 by the dealers of the Maritime Republic of Pisa. For this reason it knew a period of strong development which promoted the building of an historical centre characterized by a very accurate architecture in its rural style with stone walls, narrow arches and alleys which lead to wide stone paved squares. You can still admire the typical buildings gathered around an inner courtyard, heart of Sardinia’s family life.


Orosei is strictly connected both to the mountain and to the sea, being situated exactly in the intermediate position between the spectacular granitic Tuttavista mountain and the crystal-clear water of Orosei’s Gulf.


In Orosei the sea beats the rhythm of life, alternating the vitality of touristic season, that here starts in April and ends in October, to the peace of spring and winter, when romantic backgrounds appear thanks to fishing and nature’s lovers. And if the sea represents the spirit of Orosei’s Gulf, the mountain hides its heart: naturalistic routes, adventurous excursions, sports climbing, trekking, fine cheeses production, farm holidays.


Don’t forget to visit the little churches full of frescos, situated in the historical centre and the theatre museum that proposes also some exceptional editions of the literature of the island.
Very interesting are also the sites of “nuraghe” present in the zone, with the complex of “Sa Linnarta”, where the presence of the sacred well attracts the visitors interested in the beneficial powers ascribed to it.