Village with animation for children in Orosei

An animation team and a mini club for children which makes Alba Dorata Village perfect for holidays with the family.

The task and the objective of Alba Dorata Village’s animation team is making your holiday unique, full of emotions and unforgettable.

Without interfering our staff will offer you, not only amusement, but also the maximum assistance and on time services to meet the exigencies both of adults and children, of singles and families.

The services range from sport to entertainment, from games to assistance of children. In short, an holiday full of games, parties and outdoor spectacles next to the swimming pool.


A typical day in Alba Dorata Village


In the morning:

  • Opening of Mini and Junior Club
  • Warm up
  • Water-Gym
  • Collective sports
  • Games on the beach


In the afternoon:

  • Games, coffee and life music
  • Sports and playing cards tournaments
  • Aerobics and group dances

In the evening::

  • Night spectacles: Cabaret, Musicals, Jugglers
  • Dancing nights
  • Piano Bar